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Meal Kits starting at $7.49 per portion

Vegetarian Box

Our selection of vegetarian recipes.
Starting at $8.49/portion

Chef Box

Our selection of vegetarian, meat and fish recipes.
Starting at $7.49/portion

Custom Box

Your selection of favorites amongst all our recipes.
Starting at $7.99/portion


Ready to eat Snacks starting at $14.49 per box

Individual-size snack box

Ready-to-eat snacks packaged in single servings
Starting at $14.49/box
Lunch box ready

Family-size snack box

Ready-to-eat snacks in larger format
Starting at $17.49/box

Office Snack box

Get snacks for you and your coworkers delivered to your office
Starting at $50.00/box

Kilo Solution Snack box

Calorie-controlled snacks packaged in single servings
Starting at $14.99/box


Coffee and tea from around the world

Family-size beverage box

Our selection of specialty tea and coffee
Starting at $17.99/box


Can I modify my order?

If you need to modify your order, this must be done before the Wednesday 11:59pm HNE cut-off prior to the week of your delivery.

Are there any subscription or delivery fees?

MissFresh is a commitment-free service, meaning it is free to become a member. You only pay for orders which you receive, and you can skip future weeks for which you do not want to receive an order. If you skip a week, absolutely nothing will be charged to your credit card for that week. Dinner box prices include applicable taxes. Shipping is always free with the exception of certain remote areas. Snacks or beverages boxes may be subject to applicable shipping fees and taxes

Where do you deliver?

We ship almost anywhere in Canada with the exception of certain addresses. During registration, prior to entering your payment info, we clearly indicate if we deliver to your address. We also highlight the delivery cost, if applicable.

When will I receive my order?

Your box will be delivered between the specified hours of the day you selected. MissFresh will send you an email reminder prior to every delivery to remind you.

Do you accommodate to dietary requirements or allergies?

We accommodate many dietary preferences including vegetarian, pescetarian, portion controlled (KiloSolution) or without red meat, fish, shellfish, pork, or lamb. You can modify your menu based on these preferences or choose recipes based on the list of ingredients. Our ingredients are packaged separately so you can always omit a non desired ingredient while preparing your recipe. Our boxes are assembled in the same facility, so we don't recommend ordering MissFresh if you have a serious food allergy.

Nobody will be at home to receive the box, what do I do?

First, you should know you can get your box delivered at the office as our box is insulated and can keep your items fresh all day. To receive a box at home, someone must be present. Otherwise, you can also leave specific instructions such as: "Bring to the next neighbour at the address 123 Hill street" or "Leave the package on the back balcony". All at your own risk.

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