Why choose MissFresh ?

  • The everyday puzzle of "What do I cook today?" is resolved.
  • I don’t need to run out to find missing ingredients everything I need is provided.
  • All recipes are ready within maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Meals are healthy and diverse.
  • I can reduce waste by only receiving what I will need for my recipes.

When do I have to place my order?

If it is the first time you are placing your order, you have until Wednesday 11:59pm (Eastern Time) of the current week to place an order for the following week. If you have already placed your first order, the following ones will automatically follow suit. You will be notified via email of upcoming menus and will have the opportunity to skip deliveries if required within your account.

Is there a minimum I must order?

You must order at least one box. Each box has a different combination of meals or items available.

Can I modify my order?

If you need to modify your order, this must be done prior to the Wednesday 11:59pm (Eastern Time) cut off of the prior week.

Are there any subscription fees?

MissFresh is a service with no commitment required. As such there are no subscription fees. You only pay for orders you receive and you can skip weeks you do not wish to receive an order without any penalty.

How fresh are your vegetables and meat?

We get our meat and vegetables just in time to get them delivered to you – so it can’t get any fresher than that! Plus, we deliver in an insulated box with ice packs which keeps your food fresh until you get home.

Do you source local products?

We love to encourage our local producers as much as possible and that’s why our recipes are often based on regional product availability.

Will all the ingredients I need be made available in my box?

All you need to have at home is olive oil, salt and pepper (and the occasional 'whole egg' which we do not risk breaking while in transit). Anything else, we take care of!

What if I am not such a good cook?

Don’t worry, our recipes are carefully selected so they are easy to execute and everything is illustrated step by step.

Nobody will be at home to receive the box, what do I do?

First, you should know you can get your box delivered at the office as our box is insulated and can keep your items fresh all day. To receive a box at home, someone must be present. Otherwise, you can also leave specific instructions such as: bring to the next neighbor at the address 123 Hill street or leave the package on the back balcony.

When will I receive my order?

Your box will be delivered between the specified hours of the day you selected. MissFresh will send you an email reminder prior to every delivery to remind you.

What happens if my order is not delivered?

If we are unable to deliver at your confirmed address at the specified time, we will attempt to redeliver the package to you the following day. If the second attempt is unsuccessful, we will charge you the redelivery fee as well as the full charge of the package.

Will my food stay fresh until I get home?

The box is designed to retain the food’s temperature several hours after it’s been delivered and we’ve added ice packs to keep them extra cool. We still recommend you place the food in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

What do I do if an item is missing when I open the box?

Please contact us at hello@missfresh.com and we will make things right.

Will my food stay fresh during the week?

Your menus are designed to be cooked for the whole week. We recommend eating the fish and seafood first so it is its freshest and obviously keeping the pasta for last.