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Beef Short Ribs
460 g
If you’ve never tried our beef short ribs meal before, you’re missing out! Indulge your taste buds with the most flavourful, tender, soft short ribs you can possibly imagine, served with steamed kale, sweet potato, yellow beans, sun-dried tomatoes and other delicious and healthy vegetables. Preparation instructions: Keep the plastic film on and reheat in the microwave for 3-4 minutes

Allergens: Sulphite
Short Ribs
Short Ribs


Beef, Sweet potato, Yellow beans, Kale, Sundried tomatoes, Tomato paste, Sambal oelek, Honey, Carrot, Onion, Celery, Thyme, Garlic, Bay leaf, Rosemary, Vegetable oil, Spices, Salt, Pepper. May contain traces of nuts and peanuts.
Nutritional facts
Per serving (460g)
Amount / Serving
500 kcal
Total fat
5 g
Saturated Fat
2 g
450 mg
Total Carbohydrate
42 g
8 g
13 g
69 g