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Cold Brew Latte
Dose • 355 ml
Coffee lover? Iced coffee lover? Say no more. THIS tastes just like the iced cappuccinos you love so much – but a little less sweet and completely natural! Actually, not to brag but it’s WAY better than all the others: it’s made with premium Canadian roasted coffee beans to give you the boost of caffeine you need to work, study, dance, live, rule the world – you decide. Want to treat yourself and not feel guilty about it? This is what you need. Caffeine : 121 mg for 355 ml.
Cold Brew Latte
Cold Brew Latte


Cashew milk (filtered water, cashews), Cold-brew coffee, Maple syrup, Vanilla, Sea salt, Acacia finer, Natural flavour, Monk fruit.
Nutritional facts
Per serving (355 ml)
Amount / Serving
203 kcal
Total fat
13 g
Saturated Fat
2 g
224 mg
Total Carbohydrate
19 g
1 g
23 g
5 g