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Asian Pork
How about a delicious Asian dish for lunch without the hassle of ordering in? Our Asian pork, made with delicious Québec pork, will definitely satisfy your craving! The pork is sautéed in a sweet and sour sauce and is served with bok choy, broccoli and rice. Preparation instructions: Keep the plastic film on and reheat in the microwave for 3-4 minutes.

Allergens: Sesame, Gluten, Soy
Asian Pork
Asian Pork


Quebec pork, Bok choy, Broccoli, Sweet and sour sauce (soy sauce, water, soy beans, salt, sugar, maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, coriander, garlic, cornstarch), Sesame, Green shallot, Lime, Salt and Pepper. May contain traces of peanuts, sesame or nuts.
Nutritional facts
Per serving (415g)
Amount / Serving
750 kcal
Total fat
9 g
Saturated Fat
3 g
150 mg
Total Carbohydrate
118 g
8 g
7 g
50 g