Food you can really feel good about

MissFresh is committed to helping you eat better and live better.
Can we make a difference? You bet!

A healthier lifestyle begins today!

Healthy body, conscious mind

MissFresh allows you to cook at home - we think you ought to know what you are eating. Take a culinary journey and choose from a myriad of balanced recipes developed and provided by our in-house chefs and nutritionists.

Spare time, you say?

So you saved time on meal planning, prepping and shopping. Now enjoy more time at home doing the things you love with the people you love. Not to mention, it’s always more fun cooking with the family!

No waste in our kitchen,
No waste in yours.

35.5 million tonnes or $31 billion worth of food is wasted every year1.

We order exactly what you need

We don’t stock any inventory and source only what you order to be received just in time. No food on shelves means you get the freshest produce and no waste is tied to unsold products.

Everything is pre-portioned

47% of food waste occurs in households2. MissFresh sends you the exact quantity you need of every ingredient. You don’t need to stock up on value sized formats, a portion of which might end up in the garbage. Bonus: your refrigerator and pantry are clutter-free.

Plus, we donate to those in need

We try to offer our customers the best quality produce. Whenever any food items are not at par with our standards, we donate said produce to Moisson Montreal, a local food bank (also the largest in Canada) that services those in need.

Our Green Box

MissFresh is proud to be the first meal kit company in Canada to offer a box-less & paper-less packaging option! Get your MissFresh order delivered to a pick-up location near you and your goods will be packaged in a reusable box, liner and ice pack that you leave behind at the store for us to pick up, wash and reuse.

How It Works

Locate Pickup

locations closest to you when placing your order

Collect your Order

at the selected location and leave the reusable bin, liner and ice pack behind to be collected by MissFresh

Free reusable bag

is provided on your 1st order which can be used to carry your goods back home each week

5$ Gift!

to spend at the pickup location (on each order you place)

Reduce, reuse, recycle packaging

We put in place several initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of our packaging. We are also working on a pilot to reduce single use containers by allowing customers to return them to us to be repurposed.

Paperless Recipe Option

Choose the paperless option in your account to receive recipes via email instead of paper.

Recyclable Packaging

Our boxes and liners are made out of paper-based recyclable materials. Be sure to add them to your recycling bin.

Biodegradable Ice Packs

Ice packs can be reused and the water-based biodegradable solution can be emptied out. Recycle the exteriors along with other plastic containers from the box.

Fewer Small Containers

All containers are chosen to be snug to the portion that is being sent. In 2019, MissFresh has decided to blend its sauces and spices in order to reduce the quantity of packaging within each recipe.

Carpooling for your groceries

Our goal is to limit the fuel and travel distance of your groceries which means your box never travels alone.

Plus, with our pickup options, we bundle deliveries further and send them to single locations near you. Did you know, you can also make your office location a pick up point? Become an ambassador in your office and contact us at

Deliciously responsible

We love local products because the food is fresher, we support the local economy and we reduce the pollution associated with transportation. There are obvious exceptions but we’re always eager to hear about new local farmers that can supply hard to find items such as pineapples.

Our goal is to help local businesses and farmers reach their customers by sourcing all of our products locally.

Are you a local farmer and interested in becoming a supplier? Contact us at

Let’s innovate together!

We are always on the lookout for more effective practices and materials that will continue to protect your food’s quality and safety.

We want to tap into the community’s collective genius to further our momentum. Give us your eco-friendly ideas and feedback at

Write us at


1 Le gaspillage alimentaire entre la distribution au détail et la consommation, Contributions de la Chaire de recherche UQAM sur la transition écologique no 5, Éliane Brisebois et René Audet, 2018, p.8

2 Papargyropoulou, E., et al., (2014) The food waste hierarchy as a framework for the management of food surplus and food waste, Journal of Cleaner Production. Retrieved from: