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What is MissFresh?

Delicious weekly recipes
Fresh quality products
Delivery to your doorstep
You cook
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Our ingredients

Ready in 30 minutes or less

Our recipes are designed with you in mind. We carefully select a wide variety of delicious recipes that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

Local and seasonal products

We work with local suppliers to make sure you get the best seasonal produce and meats.

Always fresh

We buy all our meats fresh. Our fish are also purchased fresh when available, otherwise, flash frozen. Since no items have been previously frozen, you can freeze anything you wish to cook at a later time.

Our packaging

Insulation for optimal freshness

Get your box delivered at the office or at home when you aren't there! Our box of ready to cook meals is insulated and will keep your items fresh until you get back home.

Pre-portioned, no waste

Receive solely the quantity you need. Keep your refrigerator and pantry clutter-free. No more waste!


Our box and liner are made out of recycled material and are also recyclable. Our ice packs can be reused and the water-based biodegradable solution can be emptied out. Recycle the exteriors along with other plastic containers from the box.


Our Freshness Guarantee

Ordering food online can be unsettling as we are used to seeing, touching or even smelling items before we buy them. Quality is of the utmost importance to you, and that's why it is to us too! At MissFresh, we shop for products with you in mind, choosing healthier ingredients (low in sodium, fat and sugar) and selecting the freshest produce available.

While we do our best to pick and package ingredients for you, on rare occasions, ingredients may not arrive in the condition we intended them to. Our freshness guarantee is simple: Can't use one of the ingredients we sent you? Contact us and we’ll make it right!

Send us an email at hello@missfresh.com OR chat with us via m.me/missfresh.

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